Gain a CIM qualification at the School of Management

The need for marketers to think creatively as well as strategically, is more important now than ever.

Having your finger on the pulse is crucial, but the ability to deliver unique, engaging campaigns which have a positive impact on your organisation’s bottom line as well as customer experiences, is more so.

As an approved Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Study Centre, the School of Management, will provide individuals with a rich learning environment as teaching is delivered by lecturers with extensive experience in both industry and academia.

You will have an opportunity to study alongside peers across a variety of sectors (private, public and third sectors) and share knowledge, perspectives and experiences which you can take back to your individual organisations.

There are three courses available at the School:

  • Diploma in Professional Marketing – Level 6 
  • Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing - Level 6 
  • Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing – Level 4

The courses are run through the medium of English in collaboration with CIM.

Who are the Diploma programmes designed for?

The Diploma programmes are designed for marketing managers and marketers working in operational and supervisory roles, who are looking to progress their strategic and management skills.

The CIM Diploma is an equivalent level to an undergraduate degree.

Who is the Certificate programme designed for?

The Certificate is for marketing executives, or equivalent, who have had experience in the industry and are looking to advance their career.

A CIM qualification can have a significant impact on your career in marketing

Matthew Breese, Transport for Wales

Man smiling to camera

Brand Manager at Transport For Wales and CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing alumnus, said:

“This course played a pivotal role in my development as a marketer. At Transport for Wales, it is my responsibility to effectively manage the brand; from developing the strategy to delivering effective campaigns across all marketing touchpoints. 

“The course helped me channel ‘bigger-picture- thinking’ and how I could effectively use creative tactics to support the organisational strategy. Being taught by lectures with hands-on marketing experience meant that in-class discussions were vibrant, and each of us could bring our own professional, marketing experiences to the table.”

Brand Partnerships Manager at and CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing alumnus, Ryan Parker, said:

“In my role, I am responsible for securing and delivering strategic partnerships that benefit both customers and our business.  I am required to work creatively, not just with the initial planning but throughout the delivery and post campaign analysis.

“The CIM Diploma has a huge impact on me professionally.  It helped me think differently and taught me new ways of approaching challenges.  Studying alongside peers from a variety of sectors was also invaluable, we were able to share experiences and perspectives which is so important in marketing.”

Ryan Parker,

Man smiling at camera