The integration of modelling, data, and AI has sparked a transformative revolution in the realms of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Economy.

As data availability continues to grow exponentially, these fields are leveraging advanced analytical techniques and AI-powered algorithms to gain profound insights into human behaviour, societal patterns, and economic dynamics.

Through predictive models, researchers can forecast trends, optimize resource allocation, and make informed policy decisions.

In the realm of Humanities, AI-driven tools aid in language processing, textual analysis, and cultural heritage preservation, fostering a deeper understanding of our collective history and cultural identity.

Simultaneously, the Economy benefits from data-driven strategies that enhance market intelligence, streamline operations, and facilitate personalized consumer experiences.

As this symbiotic relationship between modelling, data, and AI flourishes, it paves the way for new frontiers of knowledge and innovation that will shape our societies, cultures, and economies for years to come.

Theme Leads

Dr Frederic Boy

Associate Professor, Business
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Professor Alan Dix

Professor Emeritus (Science), Science and Engineering
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