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Who we are

The Zienkiewicz Institute is one of the five Research Institutes in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. ZI brings together researchers and expertise from across the University, and connects with stakeholders from across society, to:

  • advance research in modelling, data and AI
  • pursue applications
  • translate emergent ideas into step-change technologies
  • deliver responsible solutions to local and global problems.

Building on Olek Zienkiewicz’s pioneering work at Swansea, the scientists and engineers of the ZI have a long-established international reputation in developing revolutionary computational solutions that address scientific and engineering challenges.

The Zienkiewicz Institute at a glance

With 150+ academic members, the Zienkiewicz Institute is composed of scientific and engineering modellers, computer scientists and mathematicians from 16 departments across the University.

The Zienkiewicz Institute has five main research themes:

  • Modelling, Data and AI for Climate Action
  • Modelling, Data and AI for Agriculture & Health
  • Modelling, Data and AI for Materials & Manufacturing
  • Modelling, Data and AI in Social Sciences, Humanities and Economy
  • Foundation and Methods for Modelling, Data Science and AI