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Mission Statement

Comprising of over 120 theory, data and modelling scientists, the Zienkiewicz Institute brings together all the Modelling, Data, and Artificial Intelligence expertise within the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The institute is supported by state-of-the-art physical and digital infrastructures on the Science and Innovation Bay Campus, including Computational Foundry, IMPACT and Supercomputing Wales, and hosts two UKRI Centres for Doctor Training, including EPIC and AIMLAC.

Our Institute has substantial capacities in data-driven technologies, physics-based modelling and foundations and applications of AI-methods, which builds on a long-established international reputation in engineering simulation rooted in the seminal work by Prof. O Zienkiewicz. We provide innovative digital solutions to a diverse range of scientific and engineering problems, ranging from biomathematics to jet engines and from cyber security to the built environment.

We work alongside industry collaborating with multi-national companies including the Admiral Group, Airbus, ARUP, BAE, Bauer, Costain, Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft Research, Rolls-Royce, Soletanche Bachy, and TATA Steel.

From being at the forefront of computational modelling to exploring complex mathematical problems, we aim to create an energetic, supportive community that delivers impactful research.