Alan Turing

Alan Turing Institute and Swansea University

Figure: A picture mosaic of Alan Turing based on an original portrait by DJ Rogers and created out of random images from Swansea University Computer Science.

In 2023, Swansea became a proud member of the prestigious Turing University Network (TUN), which was established as a platform for all UK universities with an interest in data science and AI the opportunity to engage and collaborate both with the Institute and its broader networks. Currently, TUN has a membership of 65 universities.

The Alan Turing Institute (known as the Turing), headquartered in the British Library, London, was created as the national institute for data science in 2015. In 2017, as a result of a government recommendation, they added artificial intelligence to our remit. The Institute is named in honour of Alan Turing (23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954), whose ground contributions in theoretical and applied mathematics, engineering and computing are regarded as fundamental to the fields of data science and artificial intelligence.

The Turing Institute has been extremely influential in shaping AI policy: it is recognised to be at the forefront of UK’s national AI capability and has helped to cement the nations’ position as a leader in this transformative technology.

Our Fellows

Turing Fellows are the next generation of world leading researchers. They have proven research excellence in data science, artificial intelligence, or a related field, and research interests aligned to the Turing’s Science and Innovation priorities outlined in the Institute Strategy.

Following the first open call for fellowships in 2023, three of our academics were admitted as Turing Fellows, for two years until 2026. As well as taking part in the Turing’s interdisciplinary and collaborative research community aimed at changing the world for the better with data science and AI, the new Fellows will also support broader work across skills and public policy. You can check out their profiles using the following links:

Our Contributions

Many in our community are active contributors to the operations of the Turing in different guise. Not only we help organise events and speak at them, but we also contribute to research projects, specifically in providing research support facilities, for example, in the AI for multiple long-term conditions project, and our SAIL databank is also a trusted research environment for the Turing community. Here are some links to profiles of our people at the Turing; check these out to see how they are contributing.

Getting Involved

There are a number of ways of getting involved with the Turing. The easiest way to remain informed about these opportunities is to join our Teams site, as we regularly update different channels with latest opportunities from Turing and our partner universities, and use the email list to send out a fortnightly email with highlighted opportunities.

You can discover these opportunities yourself using the links below.

Local Contact Points

Please use the contact details below to get in touch if you have any queries:

Turing Liaison: Miss Abi Lewis
Academic Lead: Dr. Alma Rahat