At the ZI Institute, we hold a strong belief that modelling, data, and AI-related technological developments serve a key role in climate actions, particularly in:

  • Modelling, data science, and AI applied to scientific and engineering approaches towards a clean, green, circular, resilient, and adaptable society
  • Modelling and assessing innovative solutions to accelerate the development and deployment of net zero solutions to reduce the impact of climate change and achieve sustainability.
  • Physical and AI-based modelling, predicting, and mitigating the impact of climatic extremes on infrastructure, natural environment, and built environment.
  • Supporting interdisciplinary modelling efforts in delivering sustainability and adaptability for the benefit of both our environment and society.

Theme Leads

Professor Enrico Andreoli

Professor, Chemical Engineering
Available For Postgraduate Supervision

Dr Yunqing Xuan

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
+44 (0) 1792 606565
Available For Postgraduate Supervision