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Students looking out to sea

Now your exam period is over it’s time to relax and enjoy your summer. However, as the time edges ever closer to Results Day, you may be feeling a bit anxious about your exam results and your place at Swansea University.

If on Results Day you are worried about your exam results or offer, give us a call at any time on our dedicated Clearing and Confirmation line on 0800 094 9071 to talk through your options.

It’s important to wind down after a period of high stress and pressure, and there are many coping mechanisms you can employ to manage your stress levels. Take the time to do one thing a day for yourself; this could be spending time outdoors in the fresh air, going for a walk with friends, family and pets (don’t have one? Borrow one!), hitting the gym or a yoga class, or taking some time for your favourite hobbies.

Technology can be both a friend and foe on the struggle against stress and anxiety; a constant stream of new and exciting content can be both over stimulating and make you feel like your summer is less exciting than others (FOMO is no fun). Taking regular breaks from social media will allow your mind to switch off from the constant stream of content, and allow you to focus your energy on what’s important to you (and if that’s a new Netflix show and some snacks, that’s great)

Students hitting the Gym on running machines

However technology can also help to combat times of stress and anxiety. There are many stress relieving apps available to help you reach a peaceful and calming headspace, provide you with tools to manage anxious and stressful times, and even help you to sleep. Check out some of this year’s best here.