Recognised by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as a world class example in business support IP Wales , headed by Associate Professor Andrew Beale OBE, aims to help individuals and boards of directors better understand their IP, while protecting them from the threat of IP crime.

The article offers a twenty-year analytical review capturing the operation of IP Wales as an award-winning SME business support initiative; instrument for law postgraduate curriculum development; and catalyst for contemporary legal research into intellectual property law and cybersecurity.

While looking at the past, IP Wales is also focusing on its future, as it looks to tackle the latest challenges in the ever-changing world of Intellectual Property and cybercrime, offering specialist advice to SMEs. One of the latest challenges facing SMEs is the online protection of trade secrets and the need to undertake reasonable steps for their protection, which IP Wales has already published a paper on.

To build on this, IP Wales has started:-

  1. Working with the Federation of Small Businesses to promote the need to identify, label and preserve trade secrets;
  2. Working with an online training provider to promote new staff training opportunities on trade secrets;
  3., as an SME Guide to online IP security.

For further information on IP Wales, including its range of free guides, articles and blog posts, which focus on protecting IP, visit the IP Wales website.

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