Learn new skills with mooting at Swansea University

What is mooting?

Mooting is the oral presentation of a legal problem, against an opposing counsel, and before a judge. Mooting is likely to be the closest experience that you will have, whilst at university, to appearing in a court.

What is a mooting competition?

Mooting competitions often simulate a court hearing. Participants will be given a problem to analyse, will need to research the relevant law, and then prepare written submissions, which are presented as an oral argument.

Mooting at the School of Law

Here at the School of Law we have an in-depth, and growing, range of experiential learning opportunities. Experiential learning is a hands-on learning technique, which allows you to put theory into practice, and gain invaluable skills that will be infinitely useful for your future career. Mooting is a key part of our suite of experiential learning, and will help you to build your confidence, communication skills, research skills, and can help improve your employability prospects.

Our students have entered a variety of competitions, and enjoyed successes in many of them. Use the links below to find out more about our success stories, and the mooting opportunities that are available to you here at Swansea University.

students celebrating during graduation