Welcome to the Law Clinic at Swansea University

Swansea Law Clinic benefits the local community by offering free initial advice about legal problems while giving our students the chance to work alongside practising lawyers to advise real clients.

Free and confidential advice - Members of the public, students and University staff can get free initial advice about a legal problem.

A group of smiling students with professor Richard Owen ona field trip

Remote Legal Advice Clinics

FREE 30-minute initial advice appointments with a solicitor or paralegal can be arranged. These appointments are held on Zoom.

Supported by: Duncan Lewis Solicitors, Peter Lynn and Partners, Graham Evans and Partners, Smith Llewellyn, Gomer Williams and Douglas-Jones Mercer Solicitors.

To enquire about a remote Clinic appointment, email: lawclinic@swansea.ac.uk

All legal advice and assistance is given in the strictest confidence

We cannot take appointments for issues that concern immigration, criminal law, will writing, tax and debt. We also cannot assist any person wishing to pursue a claim against the University, its governors, employees or students. Nor can we assist in claims that may create a conflict of interest for our supervising law firms. We reserve the right not to give advice in any particular case.

The Swansea Law Clinic is not regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority and does not claim to be a solicitors’ practice. All law students participating receive thorough training and adhere to the Pro Bono Protocol.

How can students get involved?

Students can gain real-life experience by enrolling on any of these twenty credit modules: LAA364 (Semester One) and LAA365 (Semester Two) Miscarriage of Justice Project and LAA366 (Semester One) and LAA367 (Semester Two) Clinical Legal Education.

Also, there will be extra-curricular opportunities from time to time. Look out for announcements.

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