Research Record


 The Law of Tug and Tow and Offshore Contracts (2nd Edn, Informa, 2004; third edition is renamed The Law of Offshore Contracts and published in 2011).

Articles and Book Chapters

 ‘Remedies for Fraudulent Claims under the Insurance Act 2015’ published as Chapter 5 in The Insurance Act 2015: A New Regime for Commercial and Marine Insurance Law (2017, Informa Law)   

‘”Who’s Doing What and for Whom? Recent Developments on Delegated Contractual Performance’ published as Chapter 4 in International Trade and Carriage of Goods (2016, Informa Law)

‘”As Is”… As You Were? The Union Power and “As Is” Provisions in Ship Sale and Purchase Contracts’ published as Chapter 8 in Ship Building, Sale and Finance (2015, Informa Law)   

'The Construction of Mutual Indemnities and ‘Knock for Knock’ Clauses' published as Chapter 5 in Offshore Contracts and Liabilities (2014, Informa Law)

'Piracy and Contracts of Carriage by Sea'  published as Chapter 1 in Carriage of Goods by Sea, Land and Air: Unimodal and Multimodal Transport in 21st Century (2013, Informa Law) 

'“To The Great Damage and Common Nuisance of All Liege Subjects of Our Lady Queen”: Oil Pollution Claims and Public Nuisance’ published as Chapter 6 in Pollution at Sea: Law and Liability (2012, Informa Law) 

'Broad Principles of General Acceptation: Interpreting the Sea-carriage Conventions', published as Chapter 3, in D. Rhidian Thomas (ed.), The Carriage of Goods by Sea under the Rotterdam Rules (2010, Informa)

'Arrival, readiness and the commencement of laytime' published as Chapter 7, in D. Rhidian Thomas (ed.), The Evolving Law and Practice of Voyage Charterparties (2009, Informa)

'Shipbuilding Contracts', published as Chapter 1, in Goldrein and Turner (ed.), Ship Sale and Purchase(1998, LLP 3rd edn).

'The Shipbuilding Contract', published as Chapter 1, in Goldrein (ed.), Ship Sale and Purchase (1992, LLP 2nd edn).

Other research work

A Comparative Analysis of the Maritime Laws of Anglophone and Francophone West Africa (1985); paper provided to UNCTAD.