Ongoing Work

Whilst the initial project has come to an end, we are still very much involved in this area. We have been granted a Smart Partnership by the Welsh Government to work with PureCyber in developing a new product that caters for the needs of SMEs. This grant enabled us to recruit an associate, Malgorzata Kupiec, who is currently engaged in research conducted in collaboration with PureCyber, a leading cyber security consultancy, that seeks to overcome the challenges described above. We are currently measuring the appetite for cyber insurance among SMEs. Choosing a questionnaire as a method to gather data allows us to learn about the views of businesses on cyber security awareness and precautions taken to improve it.

Access the Survey

Completing the survey only takes 5 minutes and it can have a significant positive effect on the state of cyber resilience of Welsh SMEs.

Furthermore, an interactive qualitative study on policy wording is planned for early 2024. The purpose is to examine the opinions of business owner/managers on how cyber insurance policies should be worded to make them clear and coherent. In-depth semantics analysis of 8 cyber insurance policies available on the market is underway in preparation for this study.