Chromebook Wi-Fi Instructions

Please carefully follow the instructions below to connect your Chromebook to the Eduroam wireless network.

  1. Connect to the SwanseaUni-Setup Wi-Fi network, and go to the Device Registration page to register the Chromebook.
  2. After registering, connect to SwanseaUni-Visitors Wi-Fi network and follow the prompt to sign-in.  This will give you internet access to follow the rest of the steps.
  3. Next you will need to install the eduroam profile. Click the following link to download the profile: eduroam wireless profile for Chromebook
  4. After clicking the link, the profile will be downloaded as an ONC format file.
  5. After the download is complete, copy and paste the following link into the address bar at the top of your Chrome browser:
    The Import ONC file page will be displayed as shown in the image below:

    A screenshot of the Import ONC File screen in the Chrome browser, showing a menu on the left on the page with the ChromeOS entry selected. To the right of the menu is the Import ONC File page containing the following text: Import ONC File. Choose file. No file chosen.
  6. Under Import ONC file click the Choose File button. This will prompt the My Files screen to appear.
  7. Click on Downloads to open the Downloads folder containing the eduroam ONC file, as shown in the image below:

    A screenshot of the My Files - Downloads screen, showing a menu on the left of the screen with the Downloads entry selected. To the right of the menu is the Downloads folder, containing the ONC file named eduroam-chromeos-Swansea_University.onc, and an Open button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Select the eduroam ONC file and click Open.
  9. The screen will return to how it appeared in Step 5. It may look like nothing has happened but the file will have loaded. You will now need to go back to your list of available Wi-Fi networks and select eduroam.
  10. The Join Wi-Fi network screen will be displayed. The Server CA certificate field will contain the Swansea University Certificate Authority certificate, as shown in the image below:

    A screenshot of the top half of the Join Wi-Fi Network screen, showing the following settings: SSID - eduroam; Security - EAP; EAP method - PEAP; EAP Phase 2 authentication - MSCHAPV2; Server CA certificate - Swansea University Certificate Authority.
  11. Scroll down and there will be entries for Identity, Password and Anonymous Identity.
    In the Identity and Anonymous Identity fields, enter your full Swansea University email address (including the part).
    In the Password field, enter your usual Swansea University password.
    An example is shown in the image below:

    Screenshot of the bottom half of the Join Wi-Fi network screen, showing an example username in the Identity and Anonymous Identity fields, and 8 dots representing password characters in the Password field. At the bottom of the screen the Save Identity and Password setting is switched on, and there is a Connect button.
  12. Your Chromebook will now be connected to eduroam.

    A screenshot of the Network pane showing the list of Wi-Fi networks within range of the device, with the eduroam network marked 'connected'.