Dear Colleagues,

As we move further into 2024 the IT Service Desk would like to keep you informed about planned work and upgrades in existing teaching spaces, meeting rooms, PC laboratories and the desktop and laptop estate to increase visibility of the pro-active work that we are undertaking to improve of our offerings to students and staff across the university.

Our plan is that going forward we will issue an update on planned work every three months.

Work Completed Over the Last Three Months:

· In early January the team completed AV room checks on 350+ teaching spaces and meeting rooms across Singleton and Bay campuses to ensure that these rooms are in a good state for the start of the new term.
· A series of AV training sessions aimed at staff looking to familiarize themselves with the AV equipment in a typical teaching space.
· A major AV upgrade in Faraday Lecture Theatre.
· AV upgrades of Vivian Y and James Callaghan 007, 129, 229.
· Upgrade of 9 lecture rooms to Hyflex standard.
· Zoom room upgrade of Abbey Committee Room 1.
· Replacement of the audio system in Great Hall Auditorium for lecturing system.
· Significant PC Lab upgrades in Union House, Singleton Library, Grove Building, Bay Campus Library, Wallace Building and Keir Hardie.

Presentation to students.

Future Planned Works & Updates:

February to April 2024:
· The addition of AV Hyflex capability (Live streaming/remote teaching) to CoFo 002 and 003.
· AV Equipment upgrade in Engineering Central A103.
· Major AV upgrade of Wallace 222.
· Major AV upgrades of Glyndwr rooms K, L (late January) and M (Easter break).
· PC upgrades in The College 025.
· PC upgrades in Singleton Library 402.
· A planned pro-active refresh of our staff laptops, replacing the oldest laptops and desktops on the estate with new models.

April to August 2024:
· Major AV upgrades of Wallace 213 and 217.
· Major AV upgrades of Richard Price 118 and 119.
· AV Upgrade of Talbot 43.
· Major AV upgrade of Richard Price Lecture Theatre.
· AV upgrades of Aneurin Bevan 1, 2 and Glyndwr 47.
· PC upgrades in The College 110 and 129.
· PC upgrades in multiple labs in CoFo.
· Ongoing refresh of our existing staff laptop stock with a view to pro-actively replacing ageing laptops and desktops on the estate with new models as part of a rolling cycle.

August to December 2024:
· Major AV upgrade of Grove Lecture Theatre.
· AV upgrades of Glyndwr C and D.
· Major AV upgrades of Keir Hardie laboratories A, B and C.

The IT Service Desk has a number of smaller pieces of work planned throughout the year and this list is by no means an exhaustive list of the work we will be carrying out during 2024.

If you would like to make any suggestions or speak to us about how this work may affect you, please reach out to us by telephone on 01792 604000, email via or visiting us in person at our Drop-in Desks at Singleton Park Campus (Fulton House Reception) or Bay Campus (Bay Library).