Welcome to Swansea!

Swansea University has a small, but growing Bulgarian student body and looks forward to more students joining our vibrant community.  As a student from an EU member state you are most probably eligible for Home tuition fees rates for all of our courses.

Why Choose Swansea University?

  • High Rankings:
    • UK Top 30 University (The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide, 2019) 
    • UK Top 10 for Student Satisfaction (NSS, 2018)
    • UK Top 10 for Graduate Prospects (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education, 2018)
  • Beautiful location and interesting culture – Swansea University campuses are on the beach, close to the city centre, with excellent student lifestyle and a perfect study environment. Wales has lots of interesting history and the friendliest people in the UK!
  • On-Campus University accommodation – we can guarantee you a place in one of our University residencies if you apply by the specified deadline for the guarantee. We have a full range of accommodation to suit your budgets and your needs.
  • Low cost of living compared to the rest of the UK.

Information for Bulgarian students

Swansea University Statement on EU Fees

Swansea University will honour the tuition fees that students originally agreed when they enrolled on their programme of study, subject to usual inflationary increases, until completion, irrespective of any changes brought by Brexit and level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research).  Any NEW students enrolling after May 2019 (Brexit) will be subject to whatever the stated fees are at the time of enrolment.

EU students beginning in 2019/20 will also be able to access student loans from Student Finance Wales details of which can be found on the Student Finance Wales website.

For more information please visit our UK Referendum Information Page.