Dr Yamni Nigam's Love a Maggot Campaign

Professor, Dr Yamni Nigam, has dedicated years of research into medicinal maggots that can be put onto a wound to help it heal and close up. She would now like to help increase the awareness of how brilliantly maggots can help heal wounds.

  • The Swansea University “Love a Maggot!” campaign has been launched to raise awareness of the use of living maggots as a clinical treatment to help clear and heal chronic wounds.

  • Many people are at risk of developing non-healing wounds, including people who suffer from diabetes, or those who may have vascular problems.

  • Medicinal maggots are tiny baby stages of the beautiful green-bottle fly. The maggots that are put onto wounds are the newly emerged teeny babies!

Search #LoveAMaggot on social media to join in with the discussions and find out more, you can also watch our latest animation.

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