Continue your professional development in midwifery

Sarah Norris and student

Midwifery post-registration programmes

Our MSc/PG Cert/ PG Dip in Enhanced Professional Midwifery Practice (EPP) links directly to the work-based learning Enhanced Professional Practice programmes at level six and Master’s level. 

EPP programmes are work based learning degrees which lend themselves to a more flexible and student centred way of learning. Midwives currently studying on these programmes at Master’s and degree level, find the modules particularly relevant to midwifery practice and their own personal development. 


There are minimal structured teaching sessions in the classroom and so there is more scope for learning if you live some distance away, with an individualised approach to academic supervision. Work-based learning means that you can focus your study on particular topic areas that meet your learning needs. 

Past students who have been successful on the programme have been able to enhance and improve clinical practice in their work place and progress in their careers. 

For further information please contact Eleanor Healer on or +44 (0)1792 518563

Work-based learning modules

These modules can be studied at degree or masters level and can be part of the Enhanced Professional Midwifery Practice programme or stand-alone. 

Systematic physical examination of the newborn (SHMM06)

This module has been developed to prepare registered clinicians, directly involved with the care of the neonate, to undertake the systematic physical examination of the newborn. The module has been developed in accordance with the current UK newborn and infant physical examination (NiPE) standards.

The systematic physical examination of the newborn screening tool is a skill that more and more midwives find to be a crucial asset to their already well-established knowledge base. Midwives who successfully acquire this qualification can provide the women they care for with an improved continuity of care whilst simultaneously supporting a more holistic approach. Midwives are unique in their ability to recognise deviations from the normal and are therefore arguably best placed to undertake this important aspect of screening for babies and their families.

Professional practice in sexual and reproductive health (SHG3099 and SHGM16)

The aim of this module is to develop underpinning knowledge in relation to contraception and sexual health which enables you, the practitioner to offer advice and care according to the need of individuals. You will also gain skills in contraception and sexual health practice which enable you to offer professional care and advice according to your role. Your knowledge and competence in practice will therefore be assessed according to the level of skill you will require in your everyday practice in any health care setting. 

Leadership and Professional Issues in Midwifery (SHMM01)

This module will develop knowledge and skills in leadership for midwifery, and to explore the professional issues inherent in contemporary midwifery practice, which influence the individual midwife and impact on the provision of maternity care in today’s NHS.

This module is suitable for Clinical Supervisors of Midwives in Wales and can be focused on the particular issues related to that role.

This module is also identified by the Welsh Government to prepare Clinical Supervisors for Midwives for their professional role. 

For further information please contact Eleanor Healer on  or +44 (0)1792 518563

Midwifery Stand Alone Days

Perineal suturing workshop

The workshop reviews the anatomy of the pelvic floor, considers the recent evidence regarding perineal care and repair, and, through the use of state-of-the-art models, enables those attending to practice the most up-to-date suturing technique.

Other standalone days may be developed depending on the continuing professional development needs of our practice partners.

For further information please contact Susie Moore on or +44 (0)1792 518583