Our Research Expertise

Our Energy and Environment Group

Our researchers use novel computational modelling, state-of-the-art experimental facilities and field equipment to investigate coastal processes, hydrometeorology, river dynamics, flooding, and environmental interactions of marine energy systems, covering both fundamental and applied research.


Prof. Harshinie Karunarathna
Prof. Dominic Reeve
Prof. Ian Masters
Dr. Yunqing Xuan
Dr. Alison Williams
Dr. Nick Croft
Dr. Ji Li

Computational Engineering

computational engineering

Our Computational Engineering Expertise

Our researchers develop cutting-edge computational methods to simulate a variety of physical phenomena, including fluids, solids, wave propagation and multi-physics problems. The research involves fundamental developments in numerical methods, mesh generation, reduced order models and machine learning as well as their application to industrial problems.


Michael Edwards
Ben Evans
Antonio Gil
Oubay Hassan
Jason Jones
Kenneth Morgan
Rubén Sevilla
Dunhui Xiao

Civil Engineering Materials and Sustainable Practice

Active Classroom

Our expertise in Civil Engineering Materials and Sustainable Practice

Themes of research include low-carbon concretes, alkali-activated cementitious mortars, ultra high performance concretes, geopolymers and recycled aggregates. Eco-engineered structures for marine and land-based ecologies investigate the impact of material, texture and functional coatings on biodiversity.


Staff members TBC

Civil Engineering and Society

water tap

Our expertise in Civil Engineering and Society

Partnering in multidisciplinary projects with Local Authorities, schools, community organisations and other groups, we aim to provide civil engineering insight and expertise to aid projects that are of significance to society.


Staff members TBC