Students in structures lab - civil engineering

Our Civil Engineering Department facilities include state-of-the-art Concrete, Geo/Soils, Fluids and Structural Teaching laboratories. All labs are equipped with the latest technology, giving students invaluable real-world experience, making them highly sought after by top employers upon graduation.

Concrete Lab

  • 1000KN Universal Structures Test machine, compression test machine that can accommodate structures or samples up to 1.8 meters in height and up to 4.5 meters in length. 
  • 1000KN, 250KN & 10KN universal test machines (UTM) suitable for compression and tensile testing of materials, used to attain characteristics and properties of various materials. 
  • Concrete production facility for manufacturing test specimens and assessment of fresh concrete workability: 
  • Industrial rotating pan concrete mixers, small & large 
  • Concrete curing tank 


  • Workability apparatus: Slump test, compaction factor, flow table, L-Box, V-Funnel, Slump flow, J-Ring 
  • Industrial Concrete/mortar testing suite for measuring compressive, splitting and flexural strengths of specimens. 
  • Rebarscope, Ultrasonic tester & digital Schmidt hammer. 
  • Aggregate grading and crush testing 
  • 250KN structural test area for testing structures, includes a range of hydraulic cylinders and instrumentation used to apply and measure forces in a bespoke manner. 
  • Skid resistance tester for slabs & pavers 
  • Industrial compaction equipment 
Students in CIvil Laboratory

Geo/Soils Lab

  • Triaxial test machine, unconsolidated/undrained test 
  • Shearbox test machine 
  • Odeometer 
  • Permeability of granular soils equipment 
  • Automatic soil compactor 
  • Plastic and liquid limit of soils apparatus 
  • Californian Bearing Ratio CBR test machine  
  • Sieve analysis set 

Structures Teaching Lab Experiments

  • Forces in an Overdeterminate Truss 
  • Buckling Behaviour of Bars: Euler theory 
  • Deformation of Straight Beams 
  • Plastic bending of portals 
  • Deformation of frames 
  • Parabolic arch 
  • Forces on a suspension bridge 
  • Three hinged Arch bridge 
  • Plastic bending deformation of straight beams 

Surveying Equipment

  • Rotating laser level 
  • Auto levels 
  • Total stations/Traverse kits  
  • GPS surveying equipment 
  • High-speed stereo HD video camera system 
  • A dual high-speed camera system capable of strain analysis 

Fluids Lab

  • 5 Meter experimental flume/Flow channel with wave generator 
  • 2.5 Meter experimental flumes/Flow channels 
  • Bernoulli, Forces of a Jet, Flow over Weir, Visualisation of Streamlines, Vortex Formation, Osborne Reynolds number, Pipe friction for laminar/turbulent flow and Hydrostatic pressure of Liquids experiments  

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