Male student and lecturer in lab

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering is a fast-changing and exciting field of engineering, comprising of semiconductor technology, electronics, digital computers, software engineering, power engineering, renewable energy engineering, telecommunications, radio-frequency engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, control systems, and robotics.

If you are a curious and inquisitive individual who enjoys solving problems by taking things apart to understand how they work and then putting it all back together, then Electronic and Electrical Engineering is right for you. Maybe you’ve taken a computer apart before and custom-built your own, or you have an interest in gadgets and electronics—these are all signs of an Electronic and Electrical Engineer in the making.

From the world wide web and mobile phone networks to laptop computers, electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, this field of engineering is shaping our future and the world around us. Highly skilled Electronic and Electrical Engineers are in high demand and have the opportunities to work around the world in a challenging but also diverse field.

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