Electronic & Electrical student

Our state-of-the-art facilities inform much teaching and research. You will become familiar with a number of laboratories, from our own electronic/electrical teaching laboratory and the PCB fabrication facility to Wolfson Power Electronics and Power Systems laboratory (PEPS), and the Smart City and Antenna lab. In 2023 our brand new £50M CISM facility on Swansea University’s Bay Campus officially opened. This building has been created with the purpose of bringing together semiconductor and advanced materials platforms and processes to deliver new technologies and products.


Electronic and Electrical Teaching Lab

  • 48 workstations with:
    • Bespoke Microcontroller Boards (sent Picture – you may want to take a better picture than my iPad does)
    • Rohde & Schwarz 4ch 300MHz Digital Oscilloscopes
    • Rohde & Schwarz 25MHz Function Generator
    • Rohde & Schwarz Digital Multimeter
    • Rohde & Schwarz Power supply

Take a Virtual Tour

  • HP all-in-one touchscreen for use with the R&S equipment & bespoke software from NI, Silvaco, Comsol, Labcenter and many other SU software like MatLab and Solidworks.
  • Within the lab there are also 24 Weller Soldering Stations with a central intelligent extraction system from Bofa
  • 3D Printer from Prusa
  • Signal Generators
  • Engineering Software

Projects Laboratory

  • 15 workstations with the same as above
  • 10 Weller Soldering Stations
  • Bespoke Rigs from Feedback for 3ph motors experiments

PCB Fabrication Facility

  • Double sided UV exposure unit
  • Ferric Chloride Spray Etch Tank
  • PCB drill


  • Trotec Laser Cutter
  • Sander and Pillar drill

Wolfson Power Electronics and Power Systems Laboratory (PEPS)

  • Renewable Energy Demonstration Testbed
  • Motor Control Rig
  • Power Device Characterisation Equipment
  • Semiconductor Analyser
  • Probe Station for Power Electronic Devices
  • Device Reliability Test Rig


The Swansea University Smart Antenna & Communications Laboratory is an award-winning research group delivering intelligent communication and navigation for vehicles, aircraft, UAVs, missiles, drones, and satellites.

The laboratory has a record of delivering high impact research for GNSS anti-jamming systems, high throughput shared aperture satellite communications (Ku, Ka & Q bands), secure LPD multi-bearer communication systems and AI RF environmental analysis and control. By combining cutting edge adaptive antenna development with intelligent and AI analysis and pattern synthesis, the laboratory has had great success in developing low cost, low profile, and high-performance systems.