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Discover Science and Engineering

We have put together a series of webinars created for you, by our world-leading academic staff. This series gives an overview of our courses and you will gain an insight into your chosen subject area. Our webinars are free to join and a great way for you to see what Engineering and Science at Swansea University has to offer.

One Step Ahead Webinar Series

One Step Ahead

Watch our webinar and find out more about how we will support you throughout your studies.

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This is Engineering

Hear from current and former Swansea Engineering students and their Engineering experiences.

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What does the future hold for women in STEM?

Get expert insight from our academics in Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.

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Aerospace Engineering Webinars


How can something with so much maths be fun?

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Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University

Why study Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University

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Biomedical Engineering Webinars

Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering Research

Join us and explore these exciting new technologies.

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The World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine ‘Smart Patch’

Dr Sanjiv Sharma will explain the scientific principles behind the revolutionary smart patches.

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Chemical Engineering Webinars

Reshaping Tomorrow: The Vital Role of Chemical Engineering

Professor Enrico Andreoli outlines the key role of Chemical Engineering and its importance

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How Chemical Engineers are making the world a better place

Join Dr Francesco Del Giudice as he discusses why Chemical Engineering matters.

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Chemical Engineers & Their Role in Tackling Global Challenges

Find out how Chemical Engineers are tackling climate change and shaping the future.

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Solving global problems using nanotechnology and engineering principles

Learn about engineering principles that were used with nanotechnology to produce electricity cables.

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Civil Engineering Webinars

Coastal Engineering

Explore the wide-ranging research that is being carried out by the coastal engineering research team

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How to Avoid Catching Covid in a Car

'How to Avoid Catching Covid in a Car' by Professor Chenfeng Li.

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Using advanced computer modelling to study

Discover how extreme weather impacts can be forecast and managed using advanced computer modelling.

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Electronic and Electrical Engineering Webinars

Behind the Scenes: Light and Electricity

An Introduction to Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Swansea University

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Renewable Energy and the Electricity Network

This talk will walk through the evolution of Electricity Networks.

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Towards the digitization of the Power Grid Network

A collaborative synergy between industrial and academic partnership.

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Materials Science and Engineering Webinars

Revolutionising Plastic Films

Embracing an Eco-Friendly Future in Materials Science and Engineering

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New Materials for Solar Cells for Aerospace Applications?

Join Wing Chung Tsoi outlines what solar cells mean for space applications.

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Revealing the Inner World of Materials

Dr Mark Coleman discusses how everything is made out of something

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Active Buildings:Creating a future of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings

Join Joanna Clark as she discusses the future of sustainable buildings

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The role of the Materials Engineer in solving the worlds energy crisis

Materials Engineering is a vast discipline covering a number of impactful topics.

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Towards a Sustainable Future: emerging technologies and the circular economy

Join Professor Matt Davies for this Materials Science & Engineering taster session.

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Do Metals get Tired?

This talk will use case studies and recent aircraft failures to discuss Fatigue in Metals

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Mechanical Engineering Webinars

Metal 3D Printing: Building the Un-Machinable

Dan Butcher outlines what Additive Manufacturing is?

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Industry 4.0: Manufacturing the Future

This webinar will introduce the technological concepts driving the future of manufacturing.

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Sport and Exercise Science Webinars

Applications of Sport Science to Skeleton Bobsleigh Performance

Gain an insight into how Sport Science principles can be applied to elite sporting performance.

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How to Improve Recovery from Long Covid

Find out how Sport and Exercise Science can help find strategies to improve recovery from Long COVID

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Bioscience Webinars

The Extinction of Marine Megafauna and the Evolution of Gigantism (Marine Bio)

How do marine ecosystems respond when species goes extinct?

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Venom World - Chemical Weaponry Across the Animal Kingdom (Biosciences)

In this eye-opening webinar that will explore chemical weaponry across the animal kingdom.

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High-tech for Animals and Why Wildlife Needs It (Zoology)

Join Professor Rory Wilson as he explores high-tech solutions for animals and why wildlife needs it.

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Environmental change impacts on ecosystems with Dr Miguel Lurgi

This lecture will help you to predict changes in ecological networks under environmental change.

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Computer Science Webinars

Introduction to JAVA: Decoding Classes and Methods

Join Randell Gaya as he provides an introduction to JAVA

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Privacy in a Digital World: Who Knows What About You

When is allowing access to your data too much to ask for?

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Geography Webinars

How to Build a Saltmarsh

Dr Cai Ladd discusses how to build a saltmarsh

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Living through the post-war dream and beyond

Join Dr Aled Singleton as he discusses everyday space of the late 1960s and 1970s.

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Climate change and the global ‘wildfire crisis’ unravelling myths from realities

This lecture introduces the complexities of the causes, trends and impacts of wildfires.

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Magmatic Memories – Eldfell, 1973

This talk looks at the lasting impacts of the eruption on the community of Heimaey, Iceland

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Mathematics Webinars

Opportunities in Actuarial Science Post-Covid-19 (Actuarial Science)

The changes brought about by Covid-19 create a tremendous need for a new generation of actuaries.

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What If Parallel Lines Meet at Infinity? What Would the Space Look Like?

Join Dr Nelly Villamizar for this Mathematics taster session.

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Mathematical Models of Infectious Diseases with Applications to COVID-19

Professor Biagio Lucini will review the general field of Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseas

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The Places You Will Go With University Mathematics

Our students use amazing maths software and do intriguing final year projects that launch careers.

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Physics Webinars

Touring CERN

A walk into the Antimatter Factory

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Semiconductors will save the world...or destroy it

Professor Paul Meredith discusses are semiconductors at the heart of all net-zero technologies

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What's all the fuss about Quantum Technology?

Join Dr Sophie Shermer as she discusses what's all the fuss about quantum technology?

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Falling Into a Black Hole & Stephen Hawking's Paradox

This presentation will take you to the frontier of our understanding of quantum gravity.

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Decoding Black Holes

Explaining some of the most recent developments in this research that is reshaping our view of space

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