Benefits of an Integrated Master's

An Integrated Master's (MEng) is a four-year degree that extends your studies to Master's level. It’s the highest award for undergraduate studies in engineering in the UK.

There are several benefits if you opt to take the Integrated Master's:

  • Chartered Engineer (CEng) status: the majority of our UK students undertake a MEng course as it’s the most direct way of meeting the educational requirements for subsequent registration as a Chartered Engineer.
  • Greater breadth and depth of study: you’ll have the opportunity to be involved on a wider range of project work, including exciting individual and team-based projects, typically with industrial involvement.
  • Enhanced employability: you’ll develop practical transferable skills such: as team-working; decision-making; delegating; identifying and solving problems; and communications skills.
  • Higher salaries: Integrated Master's graduates typically command higher salaries than those who leave with a BEng degree.
students sitting around a table