Centre for Integrative Semiconductor materials (CISM)

The Concept
Centre for Integrative Semiconductor materials (CISM) Logo

Bringing together semiconductor and advanced materials platforms and processes to deliver new technologies and products. Helping to create the skills and talent to keep our industry at the leading edge.

Providing a range of services from blue-sky research to applied R&TD, prototyping and process development, specialist services, incubation, engagement, training and access to the UK and EU innovation grants portfolio.

Manufacturing meets research and development

CISM – will deliver a bespoke, integrated facility for semiconductor research and technology development on Swansea University’s new Bay Campus containing:

  • Manufacturing grade, ISO-qualified clean rooms for process development
  • Backend materials integration and packaging capability
  • Advanced NNG research laboratories
  • II/III-VI MOCVD growth facility
  • Customer Bays for SME incubation
  • Access to advanced characterisation and analysis [microscopy, surface analysis, chemical, optical, electrical]
  • Access to state-of-the-art materials and device-level theory and simulation
The Partnership
Newport Wafer Fab, SPTS, IQE and CS Connected logos

CISM is not just a building, it is a multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary cooperative concept characterised by a network of partnerships and growing out of the TRL spanning ecosystem already developing in South Wales. The main CISM partners are SU, IQE, SPTS and NWF. A further nine partners have recently joined. We are continuing to gather more support and if you are interested please get in touch.

This concept has been developed in partnership with our main partners over the last 12 months via our CISM Programme Board, who meet on a monthly basis to progress concepts and the overall programme.

The Building
Three computer-aided design images of the Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials

The proposed Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials (CISM) building will be located at the heart of Swansea University Bay Campus within the existing engineering quarter. This location will allow for collaboration and shared facilities with the existing surrounding engineering buildings.

The proposed building will be three stories covering 4320sqm of clean room, research and office facilities. The mass has been developed to be appropriately scaled to the surrounding buildings and aligned to the existing campus development master plan within an existing development site. The building will use sustainable, energy efficient building techniques and renewable energy technology including solar PV and heat recovery. We aim to achieve a minimum assessment of BREEAM ‘Excellent’. Concept designs of the facility, along with building massing can be found below.

The CISM Design Sub-committee is made up of representatives from our main industry partners, Swansea University including our Estates team and architects and technical advisors.  The Design Sub-committee meet on a regular basis to drive forward progress. The project is currently at RIBA stage 1.


The CISM Design Sub-committee members

We are looking for partners. Do you want to get involved? Please click here to contact us.

Dr Matt Elwin
Professor Paul Meredith
Professor Owen J Guy
Associate Professor Mike Jennings

CISM Pre-Planning Consultation

Public Consultation prior to Planning Application


Planning Notices

Hysbysiadau cyn-ymgeisio ATODLEN 1B

Pre-application noticies Schedule 1B


Presentation Boards

CISM Display Board 01

CISM Display Board 02


CISM Supporting Information

CISM - Draft Application Forms

CISM - Drainage and Flood Statement

CISM - EIA Health Check Report

CISM - Ground Conditions

CISM - Low and Zero Carbon Technologies

CISM - Noise Assessment

CISM - Prelimiary Ecolgical Appraisal

CISM - Screening opinion

CISM - Swansea University CISM Design and Access Statement

CISM - Swansea University Travel Plan 2015

CISM - Transport Statement 2019


Planning Drawings

CISM Planning Drawings - Building Relocations

CISM Planning Drawings - Drainage General Arrangement

CISM Planning Drawings - Existing Site Plan and Demolition Plan

CISM Planning Drawings - First Floor Lab Floor

CISM Planning Drawings - Ground Floor Plan

CISM Planning Drawings - Location Plan

CISM Planning Drawings - Proposed Elevations North and East

CISM Planning Drawings - Proposed Elevations South and West

CISM Planning Drawings - Proposed Gas Store

CISM Planning Drawings - Proposed Site Plan

CISM Planning Drawings - Proposed Site Plan (2)

CISM Planning Drawings - Second Floor Office Level

CISM Planning Drawings - Site Plan. Delivery and Maintenance Access

CISM Planning Drawings - Site Plan. Pedestrian Cycle Access

CISM Planning Drawings - SITE PLANNING

CISM Planning Drawings - Site Sections

CISM Planning Drawings - Site Security Plan



If you have any comments regarding the CISM project please complete the CISM comments form and return it via campusdevelopment@swansea.ac.uk