The original Bay Campus Master Plan was produced by Porphyrios Associatesan internationally renowned company offering architecture, urban design and master planning services.  The Bay Campus Master Plan is a living document that upholds commodity, firmness and delight as the working principles of architecture and urbanism. 

Porphyrios Associates has an international reputation for excellence in design and has received many awards and commendations. Urban design projects include the Town of Pitiousa in Spetses; the masterplan for the King's Cross Central in London; and the Bay Campus masterplan.

architecture drawing of the great hall, bay campus
architects drawings of the student residences, bay campus

Swansea University’s ambition was to create a new world-leading research, innovation and educational complex.   The University realised its ambition with the creation of the Bay Campus, one of the largest knowledge economy projects in the UK and within the top five in Europe. The original master plan of the Bay Campus was designed by Porphyrios Associates working closely with the Princes Foundation for Building Community to ensure that a sustainable and durable campus with high-quality public realm was created.

During the planning, the public realm element i.e. the public spaces was as important as the actual buildings.  The public spaces at the Bay Campus are accessible, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing for all using them. They make the campus safe to use, easy to understand, and vibrant to live in. The campus has been built with state of the art buildings centred on collegiate courtyard spaces and internal street to create a sense of community.

Swansea University is an integrated institution for students, businesses and the public – the plan of Bay Campus enables real delivery of this.   

Porphyrios Associates was established in 1985 by the principal Dr Demetri Porphyrios, the practice offers professional services in architecture, planning and urban design.