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Group Overview

The Biodiversity and Animal Health Ecology Group seeks to understand how and when anthropogenic disturbances and global change have most impact on natural environments and wildlife species, including human and animal health.

We aim to identify key processes for optimizing conservation and pest control efforts and the prevention of disease spread under different environmental scenarios and policy schemes. We study how animals strive in different environments, exploring their capacity to respond to environmental stress such as diseases and deprived food resources. We approach this topic from individual to population and community levels and we are interested how natural species communities are formed and how they change in times of global change.

We use a range of computational tools and combine theoretical and empirical approaches in order to understand, predict, and mitigate the impacts of global change on animal health population viability, and community assembly. We also conduct field-based research to study mammals, birds, and disease vectors in natural, agricultural and urban environments to explore how these species adopt to changing environmental conditions.

Please have a look at our website for project details and contact us if you want to learn more about our work or want to join forces!