Provision of inaccurate information in support of an application

All applicants to Swansea University are required to sign an applicant declaration. Irrespective of the application-type, all such declarations include the requirement that the applicant confirms that the information which has been provided is accurate.

If it appears that inaccurate information has been provided in support of an application (pre-or post enrolment):

  1. The relevant Admissions Manager shall write to the applicant/student outlining the discrepancy and give the applicant/student normally seven working days in which to submit a written response addressing the issue.
  2. On receipt of the response, the Admissions Manager shall in the first instance, refer the case to the Head of Admissions or their nominee to consider the evidence.
  3. If the applicant/student fails to respond within the time frame provided then the Head of Admissions (or nominee) may consider the matter, based on the evidence available.
  4. If the Head of Admissions (or nominee) considers that an acceptable explanation has been provided the case shall be closed and this will be confirmed in writing to the applicant/student.
  5. If the Head of Admissions (or nominee) considers that the information provided was inaccurate and an unreasonable explanation has been provided for its provision, then the applicant/student will be informed of the decision in writing and will be:
    1. At application stage – the application will be cancelled/ withdrawn and the applicant’s contract with the University terminated.
    2. At post enrolment stage - the student will be withdrawn from the University and the student’s contract with the University terminated.

     6. Applicants who wish to appeal to the Academic Lead for Admissions against any of the above sanctions, can do so under the Admissions Appeals process.

Enrolled students who wish to appeal against a withdrawal decision made under this procedure may submit a Final Review to the Director of Education Services in line with the Final Review Procedure.