Swansea Memories - Rhys Jones

Barrister at Angel Chambers in Swansea since 1999, Head of Chambers since 2021

Tell us a little about studying at Swansea and what your job is now.

I have been a barrister at Angel Chambers in Swansea since 1999, and Head of Chambers since 2021.

I studied Law at Swansea University from 1994 to 1997. I was originally accepted to study genetics, but, during the summer before starting the course, I decided I’d had enough science during A-levels and I switched my degree course. At the time, changing courses seemed quite easy. I called the law department, spoke to the head, and he agreed on the spot. I don't even remember getting a formal letter to confirm!

Rhys Jones

Barrister and Head of Chambers

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Why Swansea University?

The reason I decided to study at Swansea in the first place was just as random! Of the half dozen universities I was considering, I went to an open day in Swansea in July, and the weather was wonderful. I stood on the lawn in front of Fulton House thinking why in the world wouldn't I want to come here to study?! As it happens, the autumn I started the course was one of the coldest and wettest I can ever remember, but by then it was too late! Luck was on my side on that open day, because my choice certainly paid off.

Law graduate


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Share a little about your time at the University and some of your favourite memories.

I have to say, I enjoyed my degree at Swansea enormously. The department was new (we were only in the second year to study the course) and as a result everyone knew each other. Indeed, that intimate atmosphere was a characteristic of Swansea students and of the people of the city in general. The group of friends I made while studying has lasted until today and we still meet at least once a year. I loved to take part in sports, and I was an enthusiastic member of the GymGym (The Welsh Society). But as well as enjoying university life, I loved the city and the people of Swansea. I spent time watching the Whites at St Helen's and the Swans at the Vetch and most Saturday nights trying (and failing) to complete the Mumbles mile!

What would you say to someone who is considering coming to study at Swansea University?

I would encourage anyone to study at Swansea University. Because of the great experience I had, I was determined to stay here. Although I now live in Carmarthenshire with my family (including my wife whom I met at Swansea University) I work in the city and still love the place. As an organisation, Angel Chambers tries to create links with local schools and colleges, including Swansea University, because we have learned through experience the importance of recruiting locally.