Theresa Ogbekhiulu

Education Officer, SUSU, Nigeria

Image of Theresa Ogbekhiulu
I chose to participate in the Urdd's Peace and Goodwill Message because it is a good cause to be identified with, and the focus on the Equality for Women is one that is dear to my heart. I strongly believe in the power and ability of women to occupy spaces that were never designed for us and to make effective changes in our world today. I am so proud to be a part of the first ever, and second all-female full time officer team in Swansea University Students' Union, and it is great to see all the amazing changes that have taken place since then. It sends a strong message to female students who aspire to be in leadership positions and to make change. I have learnt that equality is not the role of the disadvantaged groups and allies are very important in this journey as well. I will continue to carry on the essence of this year's Urdd's message, support women, and actively speak up against injustice.
This is more than a hashtag!
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