Tom Kemp

BSc Geography, Pontypridd

Image of Tom Kemp

"Essentially, I applied to be involved in writing the Message because this year's theme is so important and one that is close to my heart as someone who considers himself a feminist. Throughout my life, personally and professionally, strong and positive women have been present to help me, and so I believe that I have a duty to give back and help fight inequality. The Urdd has a special platform and this Message has the potential to be able to really make a difference in society. 

"The experience has been wonderful and unforgettable. Each session was wonderfully led and even though they were on Zoom, it was possible to feel the incredible energy that everyone contributed to each session and it was nice to talk to people of a similar mindset. The message echoes the things we discussed perfectly and I really think it's a very timely message. I am extremely grateful to all the women who felt comfortable sharing personal experiences and stories in my company. 

"I am committed to continuing to listen to women and educate myself to try to understand the problems that affect them, and continue to speak out against gender inequality. I also want to try to influence men and emphasize that it is possible to be a mand and a feminist and support women's rights."

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