Congratulations! You've applied to study at Swansea University

What's next?

You have spent months considering your options and have successfully submitted your application. The University preparation doesn't stop there. We want you to have time to focus on studying to get the best results you can before starting your university course, but there may be a couple of things you need to consider before you receive your offers, accept your offer and get your results.

We have created an Application timeline to show you the next steps in your application process.

You can view the timeline here.

How we deal with your application

Once UCAS has processed your application, your form will be sent to the institutions you listed.

You can check your application progress at any time by using UCAS.

There are three steps your application takes while we process it:


We can’t interview everyone who applies, but for some subject areas such as Medicine, Social Work and for Nursing/health related schemes, interviews are essential.

In other areas we don’t usually interview short-listed applicants, but we would offer you the chance of visiting the University either before or after we make an offer.

Didn't secure a place?

Don't panic! We always hold a small number of places for well qualified applicants on most of our courses during the Clearing period so make a note in your diary to contact us when Clearing starts.

"I came to Swansea through Clearing..." - hear first-hand experiences of Students who came through Clearing to Swansea.

UCAS Extra

If you applied before the deadline but have not secured a suitable place (if you have been rejected by all choices and/or declined any/all offers) from any time between 15 March and 30 June, you will be given another chance through UCAS Extra.

UCAS will send you information on the UCAS Extra scheme if you are eligible.

Please note that if you applied for a high-demand course in your original application and were unsuccessful, you may want to consider related or alternative subjects.  If in doubt, contact us for guidance.