Trent-Swansea Partnership

Get the best of both worlds with our Dual Degree Programme

Swansea University Singleton Campus

The Trent-Swansea Dual Degree Programme

Swansea University, in partnership with Trent University, offers a dual degree programme leading to a Bachelor’s degree from each institution. 

Trent and Swansea have a lot in common: We both offer an exceptional education. Both universities are award winning. Our physical settings are spectacular, and, most importantly, we are both places where students come first.

The Trent-Swansea Advantage

  • Direct admission to Swansea University upon completion of first two years at Trent
  • Guaranteed residence for your first year at Trent AND your first year at Swansea
  • No need to make additional applications or sit entrance exams
  • Dual qualification in 4-6 years - you graduate with two independent degrees
  • Opportunity to learn, travel, explore and live in the UK

Your Dual Degree Options

About Swansea

Swansea University is less than an hour from the Welsh capital of Cardiff and less than three hours from London.

Our Singleton Park Campus is a short walk from the beach and surrounded by the beautifully scenic Singleton Park while our multi-million pound Bay Campus is located directly on the beach front.

We match a high-quality education and strong research focus with an enviable quality of life and a safe place to study. 

We have invested significantly in both our student and career development facilities, giving you a superb environment in which to study and grow. 

Students on the beach