Engineering Brighter Futures

Study at one of the top universities in the UK for engineering.

Through our range of undergraduate and postgraduate study opportunities, our aim is for students to develop the potential to become future leaders and champions of industry, or to be equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities for a career in research.

With world-class research centres and sustained investment in our outstanding resources and facilities, Engineering at Swansea University provides a superb environment in which to study or conduct research.

Our Research

From the development of the Finite Element Method at Swansea in the 1960s to our present day research turning buildings into power stations, we strive for our research to have a real impact.

Take a look at our research in action to find out how we have been engineering a difference.

Collaborate with us

We have a lot to offer including staff with expert knowledge in various areas, world-class research and testing facilities and
not only the ability to upskill your current workforce but add to it with our
first class graduates. 

For info email or phone 01792 295514.