How we tested IT Service Desk

The central user-flow to an IT Service Desks is requests, incidents, and finding information.

The following sample pages were tested:

  • Landing Page 
  • Request Something Page 
  • Report and Incident Page 
  • Knowledge base Articles Page 
  • Article Page


The audit process was as follows:

  • The website stated was tested to conformance against WCAG 2.1 Level A and WCAG 2.1 Level AA. 
  • A selection of pages where subjected to an automated check using a selection of automated tools. 
  • A manual process based on a POUR checklist  
  • NVDA Screen reader was used to complete a consistent set of steps including navigation, interaction, time limits and error recovery on all pages audited. 
  • Pages were also tested against talkback and a sample of pages were tested on VoiceOver on mobile phones. 
  • The manual reviews were conducted on a Windows Laptop, Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung s9. 

The audit process was conducted by our internal usability specialist, as we do not have a dedicated accessibility resource. This approach was decided upon based on the size of the website, time, resources, and funding the organization had available at the time.

Our internal accessibility report is available on request.