Professor Simon Bott

Professor Simon Bott

Professor, Chemistry

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I received my B.Sc. from Bristol University in 1983 and then moved to the United States for Ph.D. studies at the University of Alabama.  Other than a year post-doc at Oxford (1987, with Professor Mike Mingos), I remained in the US until returning to the UK in September 2016 to help to create this wonderful new Department of Chemistry at Swansea.  During those 30+ years, I spent a year at MIT working with Professor Steve Lippard and then held faculty positions at the Universities of Alabama (1989 to 1990), North Texas (1990 to 1997) and Houston (1997 to 2016).

I was focussed on traditional chemistry research for the first half of my career.  My own efforts were directed towards inorganic chemistry of organic host compounds.  In addition, I was fortunate to have collaborations in which I was the structural chemist with people such as Malcolm Green, Paul Beer and Steve Cooper at Oxford, Brian Johnson at Cambridge, Barry Sharpless at MIT, Andy Barron at Harvard and Rice, and many other great chemists and friends.  My h-index is 49 and I have nearly 400 publications from these efforts.