Professor Matt Carnie

Professor Matt Carnie

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

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Academic Office - A218
Second Floor
Engineering East
Bay Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


My research broadly encompasses Energy Materials & Devices, in the following areas:

Photovoltaics (applications)

As part of ATIP (EP/T028513/1), I lead work on integration of next generation photovoltaics technologies into IoT type objects. We are currently building a number of deployable prototypes do demonstrate the feasibility of self-powered techologies. This is work is linked to a new project starting January 2023, GENERATION (EP/W025396/1), a multidisciplinary field linking, Computer Scientists, Materials Chemists and Gerontologists to develop self-powered technologies for the benefit of an ageing population. 

Photovoltaics (materials and device characterisation) 

I led Swansea's "Materials-Hub" as part of the WEFO funded SPARC II project, and as part of the SPECIFIC-IKC (EPSRC EP/N020863/1) and Sêr Solar programs, my research area focuses on solution processed photovoltaic materials and device physics. My PV research group utilizes time & frequency domain techniques such as Intensity Modulated Photovoltage Spectroscopy (IMVS) or Transient Photovoltage Decay, to characterize carrier transport, recombination and mobility in photovoltaic devices. 


I led SPECIFIC's research activity on novel solution processable thermoelectric materials and devices, focusing on organic and hybrid materials. See our work in Advanced Materials and Advanced Energy Materials on SnSe thermoelectric generators.