Dr Charlotte Davies

Research Officer, Biosciences

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+44 (0) 1792 604782

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Welsh language proficiency

Basic Welsh Speaker
Seminar Room - 138
First Floor
Wallace Building
Singleton Campus
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


I am a molecular ecologist and my research focuses on genetics and diseases in marine ecosystems, which have the potential to alter ocean life, and the coastal communities that rely upon it. I am currently Fisheries Research Officer for a European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) project, 'Atlantic Herring Studies in the Bristol Channel and Wales'. Previously, I worked on SEACAMS2 across several projects including herring stock assessments and sea trout tagging, alongside industrial partners such as Pembrokeshire Power Station, RWE and Frog Environmental. Previously I was a Scientific Officer within the Comparative Immunology and Pathobiology group working on the BlueFish project, investigating disease connectivity in the aquatic environment, including the ability to ‘track’ pathogens from the water column into the host using environmental DNA (eDNA) approaches.

I obtained my BSc in Biology and PhD at Swansea University, studying pathogens of economically important European shellfish, the European lobster and brown (edible) crab. My first postdoctoral position at the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology investigated the relationship between tropical habitat ecology and disease prevalence in the Caribbean spiny lobster.

I want to work towards a better understanding of how anthropogenically driven stressors such as fishing, climate change and invasive species, can affect emergence, spread and connectivity of marine diseases.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Diseases of aquatic animals
  • Crustaceans
  • Shellfish
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Disease Connectivity
  • eDNA
  • Tropical ecosystems
  • Fisheries

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests

I currently teach on BIO236 Cells and Immunity, BIO313 Diseases of aquatic animals, BIO260 Marine Biology Fieldcourse, BIO346 Professional Skills in Marine Biology and I recently became co-ordinator for BIO330 Tropical Marine Ecology.

I was previously module coordinator for undergraduate level 2 module: BIO238 Marine Ecosystems: Threats and Conservation, which now makes up BIO112 - Life in our Oceans. The module introduces students to various marine ecosystems and the broad ecological concepts that underpin marine community structure. We focus on some of the threats to ecosystems, ranging from climate change and disease to illegal fishing and tourism. The module will also introduce conservation efforts in marine ecosystems, from tropical to polar.

I welcome project students interested in molecular ecology, marine diseases and genetics and biodiversity and habitat connectivity.


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