Our mission is to unravel the biological mechanisms that enable invertebrates (e.g., crustaceans and insects) to combat disease-causing agents and tolerate environmental disturbances. Our research can be categorised broadly into two main areas, (1) immunobiology and pathobiology of commercially important shellfish and (2) prospecting insect larvae as alternative models of disease. We ask the question; ‘What makes the innate immune responses of invertebrates unique?

Current research:

  • Shore crabs (Carcinus maenas) and slipper limpets (Crepidula fornicata) as reservoirs of disease
  • Gut pathobiology and innate immunity in the insect Galleria mellonella
  • Multi-functionality of oxygen-binding/transport proteins (e.g., phenoloxidases, haemocyanin)
  • Shellfish aquaculture and fisheries in a changing climate