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Dr Alvin Orbaek White

Honorary Associate Professor, Science and Engineering
Available For Postgraduate Supervision


Dr Alvin Orbaek White (Dr. Orb) the founder and CEO of TrimTabs Ltd and is now an Honorary Associate Professor. He moved to the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA, USA) Department of Mechanical Engineering and he earned a PhD in Chemistry from Rice University (Houston, TX, USA). Alvin specializes in integrating the nexus of solutions towards sustainable energy supply and demand.

In his vision to advance global energy security, he uses a circular economy philosophy in his research group, the Energy Futures Research Group at Swansea University. He focuses on valorising plastics to make high-value nanomaterials.

He specialises in the synthesis and applications of carbon nanotubes, graphene and carbon fibres.

Global energy security is not merely a technical challenge because long term security in a balanced society must also account for the human element, people. All people should have ready access to needed technologies and opportunities to grow and thrive to the best of their human capacity. At the individual level, Alvin works to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment in his classrooms (in-person and virtual) to ensure the growth of his students to go beyond his teaching. He acts as a Board member of Swansea University’s Black And Majority Ethnic (BAME) Network to instil growth within the University and Academic enterprise; with aims and hopes to bring equal opportunity to all students and staff regardless of their background.

Alvin is also the founder of TrimTabs Ltd, a technology company dedicated to solving global problems with maximum impact. TrimTabs was created to commercialise technology that Alvin developed that can convert plastics into electrical components.

Further updates on his work and impact along with an updated CV can be found on a rolling basis on his personal website.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Synthesis of carbon nanotubes
  • Nanomaterials and application toward a secure global energy future
  • Circular economy, chemical recycling & resource utilization
  • Blockchain, energy distribution and the future of decentralized energy generation

Career Highlights

Teaching Interests
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