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The announcement of lockdown, saw many students having to cancel or postpone summer work placements; but that didn’t hold back final year Business Management students, Hannah Warden and Rebecca Maddocks. Taking matters into their own hands, they launched an idea that would not only benefit their learning, but small, local businesses too.

InTouch Marketing Consultancy is the result of both students’ passion for marketing. The consultancy, which launched in June, helps businesses increase their digital presence through creative social media engagement; all in a bid to ease the impact of Covid-19 and to support post-pandemic business recovery.

The business idea stemmed from the pair’s Final Year Project; which is a practical assessment on the BSc Business Management (and pathways) course, allowing students to develop business ideas.

Hannah Warden, said: “The impact effective social media marketing can have on a businesses is huge. Posting the right messaging on the right platforms, with creativity at its core can make a huge difference to consumer attitudes towards a business; and can in turn, create brand advocates, increasing customer retention for profit-driven businesses.”

Rebecca Maddocks, followed: “We pride ourselves on being able to guide our clients through this turbulent, uncertain time and helping them manage their social networks effectively. Within the first two days of launching the Consultancy, we received over 100 new followers on our own channels and also received notable traffic to our website, which is really promising as we continue grow the business.”

For further information, follow InTouch Marketing Consultancy on Facebook, Instagram (@theintouchgirls) or LinkedIn.

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