Hydrometeorological extremes such as severe storms, floods, landslides, and heat waves, can pose both immediate and long-term impacts on the built environment and engineering structures. Modelling, monitoring and further forecasting their dynamics have never been more important as we are facing the climate emergency.

Our group specialise in the large scale, both physically based and data-driven hydrometeorological modelling and applications of advanced remote-sensing devices such as weather radars to study the spatial and temporal dynamics of hydrometeorological extremes. We also work with industrial partners to build, test, and improve both the modelling and monitoring facilities. We are proud to have carried out many projects with partners from developing countries to address the development related issues associated with climate change and extremes. Specifically, we welcome research collaboration in the following areas:

  1. Advanced weather radar monitoring of extreme storms and nowcasting.
  2. HPC-based large scale physical modelling of storms and floods interfacing with the global climate simulations and numerical weather prediction.
  3. AI and machine learning based methods for predicting spatial and temporal dynamics of extreme storms, floods.

Facilities and Projects


Dr Yunqing Xuan, FRMetS, FIMA

Specialisation: Modelling spatial and temporal dynamics of hydrometeorological extremes, Machine learning of extreme patterns, weather radars applications

Dr Ji Li

Specialisation: Landslides modelling and river dynamics

Prof Dominic Reeve, FRLSW

Specialisation: Coastal Engineering and Coastal flood modelling

Prof Harshinie Karunrathna, FRLSW

Specialisation: Coastal morphological modelling, coastal flood modelling

Nowcasting of extreme rainfall using weather radars

Weather prediction equipment
Weather radar image
Weather pattern

AI based modelling of compound flood risks under climate change in coastal region

AI based modelling graph
Maps of main water areas

High resolution modelling of urban floods with phase-array radars

logos of companies involved in project
Satellite equipment
radar map of water movement

HPC based coupled hydrometeorological modelling platform with numerical weather prediction

Multiple images of weather prediction graphs

In-house software toolbox supporting ML and AI based modelling

Text graphs on weather patterns in Austrailia
map with weather pattern changing