Episode 14: State sponsored disinformation, mass starvation and our new Global Challenges programme

In this episode of Exploring Global Problems, our host Dr Sam Blaxland is joined by 2021 Hillary Rodham Clinton Global Challenges scholars, Felicity Mulford and August Dichter, along with Politics lecturer Dr Bettina Petersohn.

Felicity discusses her research, which focuses on mass starvation as a weapon of war, while August shares his research on state-sponsored disinformation campaigns and weaponising the internet.

Dr Bettina, the programme lead of the new BSc Leadership for Global Challenges, talks about Swansea University’s new undergraduate programme, which is launching this year.  She also discusses her own research on cooperation and global challenges, addressed from local, national and international levels.

Visit the new BSc Leadership for Global Challenges to find out more.

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