Episode 2: Responding to COVID-19 Using Big Data


Led by Professor Ronan Lyons, Professor in Public Health, Patient and Population Health Informatics researchers at Swansea University used their insight and expertise to help inform the Welsh Government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their expertise actively helping respond and bring the pandemic under control in Wales.

In this episode of Exploring Global Problems Professor Ronan Lyons discusses with Dr Sam Blaxland how anonymised big data is used to help tackle all manner of health and well-being challenges and how this expertise informed Government Response.

In a hard-hitting interview, Professor Lyons explores what is next. When can we expect to be back to normal? And were the sacrifices of people's liberties and freedoms the right call?

About our experts

The work of Professor Ronan Lyons and his teams at Swansea University focuses on using anonymised health data in order to help inform policymakers and practitioners across Wales, the UK and globally.

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