Episode 6: A Silent Epidemic, Acquired Brain Injury

In the UK and around the world we are living with a “Silent Epidemic”, and we rarely talk about it. Along with our host Dr Sam Blaxland, Dr Claire Williams will be talking about this “Silent Epidemic”, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), from her perspective as a clinically focussed Psychologist. 

In the UK 1 person every 90 seconds is admitted to hospital with a suspected brain injury, meaning more than 350,000 people are diagnosed with a Brain injury every year in the UK. This has left a legacy of epidemic proportions where 1.3million people now live in the UK with a Brain injury, its long-term affects casting a shadow over 1 in 300 families across the UK and costing the UK economy more than £15billion a year.

Dr Williams’ interest is in the development of tools to recognise, diagnose and treat people with brain injuries. Any brain injury can have a significant impact on a person’s emotional functioning and can leave neurobehavioral legacies. Dr Williams and her team have developed the SASNOS tool (St Andrews-Swansea Neurobehavioral Outcomes Scale). We will explore what ABI is, the impact of ABI on a patient and how Dr Williams and her team’s SASNOS tool can help us tackle this global problem.


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