Our Research Expertise


Biomedical Devices

Diseased human cells

Our Bionics Expertise

Research includes:

AI for Biomedicine; Cardio-Vascular Engineering; Tissue Oxygenation; Bio, Nano and Cell Mechanics; Disease Diagnosis; Multiscale Modelling; Simulation and Optimisation of Medical Devices; Mechano-Biology; Patient-Specific Design; Prosthetics.

Green Energy

Generation, Storage, Deployment

Waves crashing

Our Green Energy Expertise

Research includes:

Offshore Wind; Wave and Tidal Energy Devices; Computational Fluid Mechanics; Turbulence; Resilience and Sustainability; Electrical Energy Storage (batteries); Green Hydrogen Production; Nano for Energy; Scale-Up Coatings; Remanufacturing and Recycling.


Intelligent Machines


Our Cybernetics Expertise

Research includes: 

Data-Driven Design; Control and Optomisation; Deep Learning; Human-Robot Interactions; Industry 4.0; AI for Industry; AI Machine Vision; Smart Manufacturing; Digital Twins; Polymers Soft Robots; Robots for Home and Healthcare


Printing, Coating, Additive Manufacturing

Colourful graphic

Our Creative Expertise

Research includes:

Wearable Elecronics; Solar Cells; Printed Sensors; Batteries; Smart Packaging; 3D Printing; Rapid Prototyping; High Throughput Testing; Alloys; Life-Cycle Assessment.