Research Record


Summerskill on Laytime (6th edition, 2017, Sweet & Maxwell)

Shipping Law (7th ed, 2018, Routledge Cavendish)

Human Rights and Corporate Wrongs: Closing the Governance Gap. (2015 Edward Elgar Ltd)

The Law of Unincorporated Associations(2011, OUP) (with S. Stewart Q.C., N. & Campbell, N.)

Book Chapters

‘Multimodal Carriage of Goods by Sea: Time for an International Convention?’ published as Chapter 3 in Mitchell, Watterson, Gullifer The World of Maritime and Commercial Law  (2020, Bloomsbury Professional)

‘Sailing round the CLC. Environmental Damage in EU Maritime Waters’  published as Chapter 6 in Chuah Research Handbook on Maritime Law (2019, Edward Elgar)

'Who is the Master Now? Regulatory and Contractual Challenges of Unmanned Vessels" published as Chapter 10 in New Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Shipping in 21st Century (2019, Routledge)

‘Jurisdiction and Applicable Law after Brexit’ published as Chapter 14 in B. Soyer & A Tettenborn, Maritime Liabilities in a Global and Regional Context. Informa Law (2018, Routledge).

‘Delay and Demurrage in Tanker Charterparties’ published as Chapter 10 in B. Soyer & A Tettenborn, Charterparties: Law, Practice and Emerging Legal Issues (2017, Routledge)

'Laytime and Demurrage in CIF and FOB Contracts' published as Chapter 3 in B. Soyer & A Tettenborn, International Trade and Carriage of Goods (2016, Routledge)

 'Lease Finance and Demise Charters. Lessors’ Risks and Liabilities' published as Chapter 12 in B. Soyer A. Tettenborn, Ship Building, Sale and Finance (2015, Informa Law)

'HEAVYCON 2007: Liabilities, Exceptions, Indemnities published'  as Chapter 3 in Offshore Contracts and Liabilities (2014 Informa) 29-52.

2Terminal operators and liability for cargo claims under English law', published as Chapter 15  in Carriage of Goods by Sea, Land and Air: Unimodal and Multimodal Transport in 21st Century (2013, Informa)

'Maritime Pollution and State Liability', published as Chapter 13  in Pollution at Sea: Law and Liability (2012, Informa)

'Misdelivery claims under bills of lading and international conventions for the carriage of goods by sea', published as Chapter 9  in The Carriage of Goods by Sea under the Rotterdam Rules. (2011, Informa)

'Obligations owed by the shipper to the carrier', published as Chapter 7 in A new convention for the carriage of goods by sea - The Rotterdam Rules (2009, Lawtext Publishing Ltd)

'Charterparty bills of lading - cargo interests' liabilities to the shipowner' published as Chapter 11 in D. Rhidian Thomas (Ed.), The evolving law and practice of voyage charterparties (2009,Informa)


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'Bailment or Conversion? Misdelivery claims against non-contractual carriers’, 2010, Lloyds Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, 411-430.

Wider Research Interests

  • Maritime Law
  • Trusts Law
  • Human Rights Litigation against Multinational Companies