Welcome to the DEAF webpage, we are a collaborative d/Deaf mental health research network. We work together on research projects to find out about and improve d/Deaf people’s mental health.

What do we do to tackle health inequalities?

We focus on researching emotional and mental health issues and know the importance of access for everyone. That’s why these words are part of our logo. Emotional health and access to health and support services have a real impact on d/Deaf people’s mental health.

We want to connect with people who are interested in improving d/Deaf people’s mental health. Through the network we apply for funding for research projects, provide training, encourage people to do research and ask for your ideas.

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Who’s in the network?

Our group is made up from d/Deaf young people, d/Deaf adults, health and care professionals, people working in education, Deaf charities, parents of d/Deaf children and other stakeholders. We work closely with the British Society for Mental Health and Deafness and the National Deaf Children’s Society.

If you are interested, please email j.terry@swansea.ac.uk.

Please review the Privacy Notice - 2021 if you do send us any personal data.





Why is mental health important?

Please watch this short video to find out why mental health is so important.

Find out more...

For further information please contact Dr Julia Terry


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Supported by The British Society for Mental Health and Deafness (BSMHD), the only UK charity that focuses entirely on the promotion of positive mental health of Deaf people and also supported by CHERISH.

British Death Mental Health Society