Professor Amy Brown: Amy is a psychologist now based in public health. Her research seeks to understand and raise awareness of the barriers new parents face in feeding their baby. She is passionate about changing support at the public health level that enables healthy infant feeding practices rather than targeting individual women.

Professor Michelle Lee: Michelle is a psychologist whose research explores human appetite and eating behaviour. She is particularly interested in how early feeding experiences may affect weight, appetite and food acceptance and what elements of these experiences are most important.

Dr Laura Wilkinson: Laura is a psychologist whose research explores how our food environment affects our eating behaviour. Her interest in infant feeding lies in how we can better support parents who formula feed to do so responsively and supporting parents to make sense of the wide range of baby snack foods available.   

Lilly Evans: Lilly is a midwifery lecturer and IBCLC passionate about supporting breastfeeding mothers. She supports future midwives in developing the skills they need to work with new families.

Dr Gretel Finch: Gretel is a researcher interested in the many different psychological, social and cultural factors that affect families infant feeding decisions. She recently worked on our evaluation of the Breastfeeding Network’s drugs in breastmilk service and is passionate about ensuring that women receive high-quality information to support them in feeding their baby.

Sara Jones: Sara is a PhD student exploring how early infant feeding affects infant weight and growth. As a trained health visitor, she is particularly interested in how we can better understand the impact of how babies are introduced to solid foods and translating this into the support that new parents need.

Hannah Rowan: Hannah is a PhD student with a background in nutrition. She is examining differences in diet and food preferences amongst babies who are spoon fed or following baby-led weaning. Hannah is passionate about understanding how we can develop better nutritional guidelines and advice for new parents introducing solid foods to their baby.

Victoria Harries: Vicky is a graduate of our MSc in Child Public Health who is now studying for a full-time PhD at Yale University in the US but continues to collaborate with us from the work that emerged from her dissertation. Vicky uses an evolutionary anthropology perspective to understand patterns in breastfeeding and weaning seen across different cultures and the many factors that influence these decisions.