In Autumn 2020, Swansea University, in partnership with Bournemouth University, were commissioned to undertake an evaluation of a new pilot programme for new parents called ‘Peppy Baby’ that was delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic. This programme was funded by the NHS and MHCLG ‘TechForce 19’ programme as an innovative intervention to meet the needs of those who were particularly vulnerable or isolated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and social distancing.

With this funding the Peppy Health team designed a support package for new mothers based around a mobile phone app. The programme covered core topics such as infant feeding support, mental health, pelvic floor care and broader support in adapting to new parenthood. Support was delivered via the app which connected parents with perinatal practitioners, and services such as group chats, live broadcasts and referrals to specialist services if needed. Women took part from late pregnancy to eight weeks postpartum.

This evaluation sought to explore the impact of the programme upon infant feeding, mental health, pelvic floor care and parenting confidence, alongside the perceived usability, acceptability and effectiveness of the programme and app. Finally, perceptions of integration of the programme with existing local services and impact upon workload were examined. The views of mothers who took part in the programme, local health professionals and local commissioners were included to shape and conduct the evaluation. 

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