Schedule for Winter Degree and Award Congregations – December 2019


Monday 16th December   Tuesday 17th December Wednesday 18th December
Swansea University Medical School   School of Management College of Arts and Humanities
College of Human and Health Sciences   Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law College of Engineering
      College of Science
Monday 16th December

For full details browse the  Medical School Schedule - December 19 and Human and Health Sciences schedule - December 19

9.30am    Congregation 1

Swansea University Medical School 

  • All programmes

College of Human and Health Sciences (I)

  • Psychology

11.30am   Congregation 2

College of Human and Health Sciences (II) 

  • Interprofessional Health Studies (I)

Basic Audiological Practice

Enhanced Paramedic Practice

Enhanced Professional Practice

Healthcare Science (Audiology)

Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology)

Healthcare Science (Nuclear Medicine)

Healthcare Science (Radiation Physics)

Healthcare Science (Respiratory and Sleep Physiology)

Maternity Care



Paramedic Science

2.15pm   Congregation 3

College of Human and Health Sciences (III) 

  • Nursing (I)

Nursing (Adult)

Nursing (Child)

Nursing (Mental Health)

4.15pm   Congregation 4

College of Human and Health Sciences (IV) 

  • Ageing 
  • Interprofessional Health Studies (II)

Community and Primary Health Care Practice

Community Health Studies Specialist Practice Award in District Nursing

Community Heath Studies (Mental Health Nursing)

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visiting)

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (School Nursing)

  •  Nursing (II)

Advanced Practice in Health Care

Advanced Specialist Blood Transfusion Practice

Blood Component Transfusion

Education for the Health Professions

Enhanced Neonatal Care

Health Care Studies

Long Term and Chronic Conditions Management

Non-Medical Prescribing for Allied Health Professionals

Non-Medical Prescribing for Nurses and Midwives

Non-Medical Prescribing for Pharmacists

Nursing Practice

Nursing Pre-Registration (Adult)

Nursing Pre-Registration (Mental Health)

Peri-operative Care

  • Public Health, Policy and Social Sciences

Tuesday 17th December

For full details browse the School of Management Schedule - December 19 and HRC School of Law - December 19

11.30am   Congregation 2

School of Management 

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Management

2.15pm    Congregation 3

Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law

  • All programmes 
Wednesday 18th December

For full details browse the AHU Schedule - December 19Engineering Schedule - December 19 and Science schedule - December 19

9.30am  Congregation 1 

College of Arts and Humanities (I) 

  • Applied Linguistics, English Language and TESOL
  • Education
  • English Literature and Creative Writing
  • Modern Languages, Translation and Interpreting
  • Media and Communication and Public Relations

Department of Adult Continuing Education (DACE)

11.30am  Congregation 2 

College of Arts and Humanities (II) 

  • Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology
  • History
  • Political and Cultural Studies

Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching (SALT)

2.15pm  Congregation 3 

College of Engineering

  • All programmes
  • Sport and Exercise Science

4.15pm Congregation 4 

College of Science

  • All programmes

Graduation booking will open in September 2019.  Students can access the booking through their intranet account and will be sent an email to inform them of when booking is open. 

All congregations will take place in the Great Hall, Swansea University Bay Campus, Fabian Way, Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea, SA1 8EN.  For any queries please contact the Graduation Office, Academic Services, on 01792 602703 / 01792 295293 / 01792 602298 / 01792 602755 or email: